Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks, Nanny & Pappy!

Here is Grayson opening his packages from my parents (aka Nanny & Pappy). They were lego sets and he was so excited to get some guys of his own. With my boys, it's all about the cool guys they get with the sets. Grayson got Anankin, R2-D2, lots of storm troopers, and Indiana Jones. His brothers were excited for him (a little jealous that he got them and not them - but still excited because this way they can play with them too). And Bry was more than happy to build the sets for him. Grayson is still too young for that. There are 2 videos because the first package was missing the Indiana Jones set so that came the next week. Grayson thought it was great to get packages a week after his birthday!

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Lisa said...

Hi Heather!

We just returned from vacation and I looked at your blog for the first time! Your boys are adorable!!! I'm going to love keeping up with you and your family with each post.