Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stories with ... Grayson

Last week Grayson was momentarily left alone with Connor. As I went to get Connor, Grayson was walking toward me with his doctor's kit asking me to open it. When I questioned him about his intentions, his reply was, "I'm going to fix Connor!"

(Side note: Grayson absolutely adores his little brother, so I'm sure he had no intention of harming Connor. But who knows what a physical from Dr. Grayson would include!)

As the days have been getting warmer, we started heading to beaches. Well, our first day at a beach was a little windy and cooler than we expected, so I opted not to have the boys in swim suits, but still allow them to play in the sand and maybe get their feet wet. It wasn't long before they all had soaking wet clothes, but Grayson took it one step further. We were there with friends and all of the boys had worked together to make a "lake" about half way up the beach. They dug quite a wide hole and then carried up bucketfuls of water to fill it. After they had it done, Grayson thought it was a great place to play. So as I'm helping one of the boys, I hear the life guard behind me say, "I see you're sitting in it." I turn around to see Grayson's shorts on the sand and he is sitting in the "lake." My first thought is, "At least he left his diaper on." So I gather his shorts and shoes and as I'm walking toward our blanket, my friends start laughing, and I turn around to see his diaper on the sand and a bare bottom Grayson sitting in the "lake!" I immediately returned to put his swimming suit on him, but apparently a 12-18 month swim suit is too big for my nearly 3 year old. It would not stay on his skinny little waist and every time he stood up or kneeled we had a full moon on the beach! It was quite the scene ... I did get pictures, but I'm not sure all of them would be appropriate for this site; I'll include one of Grayson sitting in his "lake." Life is definitely not boring with Grayson around.

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