Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Time Rider

I had a moment this winter when I realized ... I have a 7 year old and we haven't tried to teach him how to ride a bike without training wheels. (In my defense, last year all he wanted to do was ride his scooter.) It was then I decided that learning to ride a bike must be a priority this summer. Today was the day, and Bryant did great! This is after about 15-20 minutes of working with him. We started with a smaller bike, so he wouldn't have far to fall, but the tires wouldn't keep air in them and that made it harder. So we got out the bigger bike and off he went. Rehn helps for a couple of seconds to get him up to speed, but then he can keep it going. I think we will be having many nights practicing ... he loved it and can't wait to go again. It even made Benjamin want to try (I'm actually hoping to teach him this summer, too).

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Carebear said...

Nice blog! Welcome to the blogging world.
I love how quickly Bryant learned to ride his bike! I've been wondering if I shouldn't try that with Alana.