Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stories with ... Bryant

My mom just sent us an email begging for votes for an Orioles player to make it to the All-Star Game, and it reminded me of this story from a couple weeks ago.

Rehn's work had given all their employees tickets to a St. Paul Saints game (Minor League baseball), but of course it was the same night the Bishops were suppose to go up to Girls Camp so Rehn couldn't go. I decided I would still try to take the boys myself. Yes, that sounds crazy (me and 4 boys at the baseball game), but I'm starter than the average bear, so I asked a couple of Laurels to come along. (I've been going through withdrawal since I was released from YWs, so it was a fun to hang out with them before they leave for college. And they were lifesavers ... I couldn't have made it through the game without them!)

Anyway ... we are at the game and one of the ushertainers stop to talk to the boys. (Ushertainers are people that work for the team and dress-up and go through the stands adding a little more entertainment to the game.) So he walks up and sees Bry's Orioles hat on. He says, "Orioles fan?" And Bry immediately says "No, just the Twins. My grandparents just sent this to me." The guy then tried to convince him it was okay to be an Os fan, but it was all lost on Bry. He is just for the Twins.

Another story ... the little boy sitting next to Bryant asked him where he was from. Without hesitation Bry said, "I'm from Logan." He was born in Logan, UT but we moved here when he was 3 months old! He's never back to Logan! I tried to tell him that he is from Minnesota, but I think he likes saying he's from somewhere else. But this is an improvement ... he used to say he was born in the mountains, because we had told him Logan was in the mountains.
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Anonymous said...

Fun!! we don't have internet at our home right now (we were only suppose to be there for two months...) but we plan on getting a blog page started when we get to SC. Wish we could have seen you, but we are slaves to the open flights. Not such a bad thing! It was fun to see brit and kim's pages too!!! love ya! kris!