Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lesson in Listening (and Acting)

You would think by the title of this blog, and knowing that we have 4 young boys, that this post would be about a lesson for the boys. But no ... this one was for the parents.
As most LDS people know, this time of year means Tithing Settlement with the Bishop and today was our appointed time to go in with Rehn right after church. Rehn went through the usual questions and message, slightly abbreviated since our kids weren't paying a ton of attention, and as we were finishing up Grayson tells us he needs to use the bathroom. But since we are done, Rehn asks if we can have a prayer first before we leave. As he finishes the prayer, we look up and there is a puddle forming under Grayson's chair! And did I mention that Grayson was sitting behind the desk in the Bishop's chair?! Not much to do but laugh ... and hurry to find something to clean it up. I think the next time Grayson says he needs to go we will be a little faster at getting him to the bathroom. Lesson definitely learned!! And I can honestly say that today I'm glad Rehn is the Bishop!


Brittany said...

That is too funny. What adventures I have to look forward to

Lindsay said...

I love the last line of your post. I laughed as I thought about how truly grateful you were at that moment. I would have felt the same way. . . if Uncle Rehn were our Bishop.

Amott Family said...

We would love to get together with you guys...maybe in Jan. My mom will be here for the holidays. We begged her to come! Your boys are adorable. This story is hilarious! Jeepers.
Ande Amott