Monday, December 1, 2008

Catching up on Connor ... 5 months

I've realized that I have not been very good at keeping this blog up to date, especially with pictures of Connor. After all he is the one that changes the most. So I'm going to try and do a quick update on him ... and hopefully I'll get to the other boys soon. (It's good to have high hopes!)
These pictures were all taken when he was 5 months. Here he is in the exersaucer.
And here we are enjoying an early fall day at the park. We had some great weather all the way into November and we tried to take advantage of it. He loved swinging during this last month and it was great to have something to do with him besides sitting in the stroller or carrying him around.
Here he is with one of the many faces he likes to make. He did this tuck in the lower lip for several weeks. I always miss them when he stops.
Practicing sitting up. He was still pretty wobbly at this point so it took a good bit of propping, but he liked it. Much easier to enjoy a good book when you can sit up.
Swinging again and another silly face. This was one of my favorites. He loved to play with his tongue and whenever he was happy he would stick it out. Sadly, he hasn't done it much in the last month.

Since digital cameras, I haven't taken my kids in to get professional pictures taken very often, but I try to do some on my own to mark their stages. Here are a couple of the 5 month shots ...

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