Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Halloween ... before Thanksgiving

Okay, I realize that I'm really cutting it close, but I told myself I had to have the Halloween pics up before Thanksgiving. So here I am at 11pm Wed night, but hey ... I made my goal! The kids didn't have school on Halloween, so we had fun at home all day. We even went over to Cold Stone Creamery where they had $.31 cones for the day.
This first picture is on our way to get dinner on Halloween night. On the 31st, after 6pm, Chipotle restaurant, gives away free burritos to anyone who comes in dressed as a burrito (in other words ... is wearing foil). So here are the guys with foil on their heads and around their arms. I had a foil headband and bracelets. If you haven't seen their burritos before, they are huge and cost $6 each so it was a really good deal. The line wasn't too long and moved quickly and we got $30 of burritos for free!

After dinner we got dressed to go trick-or-treating. The older boys all wanted to be Ninjas this year. I wasn't sure what I was going to have them wear, but then I found 2 karate uniforms at a thrift store that were the perfect size for Benjamin and Bryant. I was so excited! Grayson used our Batman jumpsuit and we covered the Batman symbol. I quickly made some hats and baklavas out of fleece, added some sashes and swords and voila ... NINJAS! (If they were reading this, I would be corrected ... they were Shadow Ninjas.)

Connor was Tigger. He was so good while we were out. He just sat in the stroller watching everyone and didn't fuss once!

Benjamin and Tigger.

Checking out all the loot.
Benjamin was very happy about all the candy!
After trick-or-treating, and candy inspection, we jumped into our pjs and watched Ichabod Crane. All in all it was a fun Halloween.

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Ethan said...

I love how Grayson just has his hand on the hilt of the sword ready for action. I've seen this movie 20 times before. He takes an apendage off before you can blink if you get too close.