Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This year Benjamin's birthday fell on a Sunday which means instead of a birth"day" he gets a birthday weekend. The festivities started on Friday since that was the day they sang to him at school. Here's a picture of him with the pencils and little erasers he took in for his classmates (his class has a no food rule for birthdays). He was very excited to go to school!

Friday night a woman from the Primary presidency (Children's organization at our church) delivered a cake for him. He couldn't wait to dig in. And lucky for the rest of us he was happy to share ... it was delicious!
Saturday was the day we planned to do the main celebrations. The morning started with him opening his presents. Here is the before ...

Here he is with some of his presents. He LOVED the Nerf gun and I got such a good price on the robes that we decided to get all 3 of the older boys one. We didn't want to wait to give them on their birthdays (what good is a robe in warmer weather) so I wrapped them all together and Bry and Grayson got an early present. Benjamin's main present was a race track, but we kept that for him to open on his actual birthday ... and I just realized I never got a picture with that! Oops!

While Connor took a nap, the boys got to play Lego Star Wars and then we headed out for the afternoon/evening. First stop was Toys R Us for the boys to use the gift cards their grandparents had given them for Christmas. They all had a blast picking out stuff and Benjamin didn't mind at all that his brothers were also getting stuff on his birthday. (It meant they left his stuff alone!) Then it was onto Build-A-Bear at the Mall of America. He got a coupon in the mail during the week for $5 off so for $5 he got a new animal ... meet Scooter the holiday Moose. He loves him and says he choose him because he is so soft.
Then we headed across the street to Chevy's for dinner. This was Benjamin's request because he wanted to get the song, sombrero and free treat. We didn't complain becuase we like the food. Here is a shot while they were singing to him ... he looks a little nervous!

Here he is with his dad ... see, he really was excited to get all the attention.

Afterwards, we headed home and since it was getting late we had to put off the Indiana Jones movie until the next night. He was a happy birthday boy and we all had fun celebrating with him.

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