Thursday, May 27, 2010

And We're Back!

I think after taking a year off, it's about time I get back to this blog, don't you think?! Naturally a lot has happened in the last year, but for now I'm going to stick with the current happenings and hopefully throw in some catch up posts from time to time. I really have missed keeping everyone up to date via our blog and I hope to keep it up.

Right now, baseball is our life! At least that's the way it seems. Both Bryant and Benjamin are playing Little League this year and they are on the same team, the Diamond Backs. I'll have to post some shots of them playing later. They are both REALLY into the game this year. Not just playing, but also watching the MLB. And of course they love the Twins! We've even made it to a game at the new Target Field (once again, another post). Well, this week the Twins centerfielder, Denard Span, made a special visit to talk with our Little League. During the question and answer, Bryant was the one chosen from their team to ask a question. He asked "Who was your favorite player growing up?" The answer was Ken Griffey, Jr.

They originally told us we wouldn't be able to do photos or autographs, but he stayed and did that anyway.

Here is Bryant with the signed baseball. Luckily Grayson had brought one to play with while we were waiting. After getting the baseball signed, they decided to get their hats signed. By now the crowd was small so it didn't take long. And we also mangaed to get a photo. Here are the 3 boys along with one of their teammates. After the photo, they got their mitts signed too, even Grayson. They were all pretty thrilled to come home and tell their dad all about it. And I think this will be good motivation to take good care of their mitts! It's already made for great show and tell at school this week.

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