Sunday, February 1, 2009

Congratulations Steelers!

You can imagine with 4 boys - 5 including Rehn - that we like sports around our house. The teams they cheer for vary depending on the sport ... college basketball = Duke; college football = BYU (they get this from the LeSueur side); MLB = Twins (the boys are HUGE Twins fans). But Rehn has not passed along a favorite NFL team, so via my parents, the boys have become Steelers fans (at least when they are playing in a big game!)

So we sat down tonight to watch the Super Bowl and the boys had their terrible towels in hand. And when the Steelers almost scored a touchdown in the first few minutes, those towels were swinging! Needless to say they were pretty excited with the outcome. They were very impressed that the Steelers could come back so quickly and score a touchdown in the last 2 minutes to win the game. Bryant was hilarious to listen to during the last part of the game; he sat there yelling at "Big Ben" to just throw it! It was a great game to watch.

This one is for you Nanny and Pappy ... and Uncle Steve!

Congrats, Steelers!

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Amy said...

Benjamin has some hip action going on with the swinging of the towel!! LOL