Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cute Conversations

I never know what is going to come out of the kids' mouths.

Today I was cleaning up in Grayson's room and he came in and asked:
"Mom, do you know how to say 'Fiddlie-I-Oh' in Spanish?"
ME: "No, how do you say it?"
Grayson: "Fiddlie-I-Oh in Spanish."
Then he walks out of the room without even a smirk! And no one put him up to it!

Yesterday, as we are getting ready to take the kids to a friends' house who so kindly offered to watch them while we were at a church dinner:
ME: "Benjamin, are you going to be a happier kid at their house? All I've heard this afternoon is pouting and whining and a very grumpy Benjamin."
Benjamin: "Yeah, that's all I've heard too. From me." (He was quick to point out that he wasn't talking about someone else.)

A few weeks ago we had a funeral to attend, and decided it would be good for the older boys to go. On the way there, we reminded them of the behavior we expected from them and they were great the whole time. After we got home, Bry was repeating some of the stories he had heard.
Me: "Bry, I'm so glad that you were listening to the talks."
Bry: "There wasn't anything else to do!"
At least he's honest!! (And thanks for letting me know how to get you to listen at church.)

This doesn't have to do with my kids, but it does involve Rehn and I loved it. This weekend marks one year of Rehn being Bishop in our ward, and apparently people are getting used to that. My good friend's little girl, Lucy (see previous post), really likes Rehn. A couple of years ago, I babysat her during the week for about 4 months and she always called him "Len." Well in the last few months, she has started calling him "the bishop." I guess that's good, but I miss hearing "Len." Anyway, we were at a party today and "Len" was talking to her mom and Lucy was standing there too. Her mom started teasing Rehn about something, and Lucy looks up, taps her mom in chastisement and gives her a look to say "I can't believe you would talk to the bishop like that!" Times have changed!

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Lindsay said...

Wow! Has it been a year already? That sure went by fast for our family. :) I think about you a lot on Sundays and wonder how you're doing each Sacrament Meeting.