Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stories with ... Benjamin

Okay ... you are probably wondering why you are looking at a blurry picture of a bowl with a couple pieces of tomato in it. Let me explain ...
The two older boys take turns clearing and setting the table. Last week it was Benjamin's turn to clear, which includes putting the food away. Benjamin is always very thorough, so I wasn't surprised to come out and find it all done. But then I opened the fridge and saw this container (it did have a lid on). He is so thorough that he saved these five little pieces of tomato! Rehn and I thought it was pretty funny, but that is our Benjamin. He is such a helpful kid ... he is always the first to volunteer ... and he does a great job.

Another story about Benjamin being helpful ... and reaping the rewards. Tonight while making dinner, I needed something from downstairs, so I called down and asked for one of the boys to bring it up to me. I happen to be putting away the basket with chocolate chips at the time, so I thought it would be nice to give whoever brought it up a few. It was Benjamin who brought it up, so he got the reward, and thought it was great. I told him it was for being willing to help, but I was also sure to add that I don't always give a reward ... just sometimes. A little while later, I needed the boys again and you should've seen how fast Benjamin came up! I've never seen him move so fast. And best of all, he wasn't even disappointed that there was no reward this time.

And did I mention that Benjamin is a very smiley kid ... ever since he was a baby. He is generally happy and gets lots of comments on his smile. What a handsome boy (I know .. I'm biased!). He's looking so old in this picture ... I'm not sure I like that!

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