Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Play Ball!

When you have a family with 4 boys ("5 including Dad" -- that's what Grayson is always telling people) you can imagine that sports is kindof a big thing in our house. And baseball is a HUGE favorite come spring. This year we were lucky to only have 1 Little League team (the Diamond Backs) for the 2 older boys and 1 Tball team which started as Little League was finishing. (Next year will be a lot crazier so I was sure to enjoy this schedule.)

This was Bryant's 2nd year playing Little League and Benjamin's 1st. They both had a great year and were voted onto the All-Star Team by their teammates. Unfortunately, the game was while we were on vacation so they couldn't attend, but they still got to know they were voted in and then 2 of their friends were able to play in their place. And they handled it very well -- disappointed but no pouting or complaining -- I was very proud of them.

Here are a few of the highlights from the season.

Bryant loves to play catcher. This was their first game and he's already behind the plate. This year Bry was #7 which happens to be the same as Joe Mauer, the Twins catcher, who is Bry's favorite player. And while he was playing catcher, one of the dad's realized this and yelled out "Hey! We've got Mauer behind the plate!" So for the rest of the season every time Bry got up to bat, the rest of the team broke out into a "Mauer! Mauer!" chant. Bry loved every minute of it!!

Bry at bat, about to send the ball flying for a base hit.

Benjamin running the bases. I had to add the second picture because his face was so funny! (If you click on the picture you should be able to see it better.) He became quite the power hitter this season. Once he had a few hits, he gained his confidence and there was no stopping him. It was great to watch him and see how happy he was with his progress.

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